Requesting Mediation

The Mediare Dialogues Mediation Board is dedicated to manage non-adversarial methods of resolving disputes, especially Conflict Mediation for individuals and businesses, offering a multidisciplinary panel of mediators, specializing in different subjects – Civil, Business, Family Business , Families and Inheritance, School, Communities, Public Policy, Intellectual Property, Environmental, Information Technology and Art and Culture.

The role of the Mediare Dialogue Chamber is guided by its Ethical Standards Regulations and Procedural Mediation and the CONIMA Code of Ethics – National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions.

The professionals who are part of the Mediators Multidisciplinary Panel were trained by institutional Teaching Sector and may be elected directly by those involved or appointed by the Board, according to their specialty and seniority, after analysis of the complexity of the case in the pre-mediation stage (presentation session). Mediators work in pairs, interdisciplinary preference, and can compose double with external mediators to the panel, when requested by the parties involved.

When looking for the Mediare Dialogues Chamber, the applicant will receive from the responsible mediator a Preliminary Information Form for Mediation.Completed the form, an initial analysis of the controversy will be made by the relevant Thematic Sector to the case and the direction of the Chamber.

O The contact with the respondent and the fillling of the form identify their availability for the mediation procedure and a prior meeting to exchange and extension information will be scheduled – pre-mediation.

After pre-mediation, the analysis of the complexity of the dispute will be expanded – according to the number of involved (directly and indirectly), the time of the controversy, the level of escalation of the conflict, its eventual legalization or “arbitralization”, technical issues and values involved. If it competes to the Chamber, the appointment of mediators, a pair of professionals with expertise and experience in the complexity of the dispute will be identified for the validation of the parties. The accession of all involved in the procedure motivate the signature of Mediation in Participation Agreement de Participação em Mediação, featuring its start. The integral flow chart of this session will provide more detailed information about the step by step of the mediation procedure.

With facilities structured to preserve the confidentiality of such dialogues, the Mediare Chamber Dialogues is located at Rua Gal. Venancio Flores 305, room 908, Leblon, City of Rio de Janeiro.

Aiming the exercise of its social responsibility, the Mediare Institute, nonprofit integrated into Mediare system also offers a Mediation Board for social practice – Chamber Institute Mediare






Access Flowchart in PDF.