The Mediare System

O MEDIARE System brings together three distinct organizations: Mediare Dialogues and Mediare courses and Mediare Institute (non-profit association).

O MEDIARE Dialogues is dedicated to the design and coordination of processes of dialogue aimed at understanding and decision-making, guided by consensus building and mutual benefit. Mediation, the Dialogues Facilitation and the known tool for Consensus Building comprise the resources used. The Mediation Board offers a Multidisciplinary Panel of experts dedicated to various topics.

O MEDIARE Courses are specifically geared to the educational processes of dialogue and offers semester courses in mediation, as well as seminars and workshops aimed at continuing education or demands in company, customized for different needs.

The Institute MEDIARE back to social projects dedicated to research, development, dissemination and practice of dialogue processes. It brings together members interested in your goals, establish agreements with institutions that benefit from them, and houses a Mediation Board – also of a social nature – as well as a library of related works.

The three MEDIARE System entities rely on the performance of the Mediators Panel, a multidisciplinary team of specialists in different areas – business, civil, family and probate, communities, schools, family businesses, environmental, public policy, IT and intellectual property and art and culture. Dedicated to non-adversarial character of dialogue processes, these professionals integrate thematic sectors that foster continued improvement and the provision of services in mediation.