Public Policy Sector

Several opportunities for action open to mediators and dialogue facilitators, either in the design of institutional arrangements, collective decision-making processes or disputes systems, either in the consensus building process for formation of public policy and preparation of master plans of cities . In addition, these professionals can also act in organizing and conducting public hearings under the government participatory planning.

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Practice Multipartes Mediation, Dialogue Facilitation and Consensus Building

Expertise in project development and action plans for the coordinated articulation of these practices in the prevention, management and conflict resolution.

Dialogic processes involving multiple parties and Consulting for structuring collective decision-making

Design, management, monitoring and evaluation of decision-making processes involving multiple actors and coordinating actions and activities necessary for the development of collective, public or private dialogues.

Consulting for the development of specific methodologies for preparation of Master Plans of Cities (MPC)

Expertise offering needed to assist municipal public administration in shaping, implementation, monitoring and evaluation methodologies to the MPC.

Workshops, lectures and thematic courses

Opportunities for learning and exchange of experiences regarding matters related to public policies through participatory educational proposal and analysis and case studies.

Improvement course to participate in Collaborative Governance

With a view to developing specific skills and abilities to cope with the dynamics of collaborative processes that permeates this governance format.