Public Policy Department

These contexts presents a broad scope of action for Mediators and Dialogue Facilitators, either in Institutional System Design, Collective decision-making processes and dispute system designs; or in the consensus building regarding the development of public policies and the cities’ master plan. These professional may also perform by conducting public hearings regarding the governmental participatory planning.

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This department is dedicated to the development and coordination of consultancy projects regarding conflict management, dialogue facilitation and collaborative processes within public politics activities. Features experts in multiparty dialogue processes.

Multi-part mediation, dialogue facilitation and consensus building:

Development of projects and action plans regarding the coordinated articulation between these practices for conflict prevention, administration and Resolution.


Multiple-party Dialogue processes and consultancy service for helping develop collective decision-making processes:

Conception, management, monitoring and evaluation of decision-making processes that involve multiple-parties and coordination of activities that are important to the development of collective decision-making public and private processes.

Consultancy for the development of specific methodology regarding the elaboration of the master City plan:

Offer the necessary expertise to help the municipal administration in forming, executing and monitoring the master city’s plan.


Workshops, Seminars and Thematic Courses:

Great learning and changing experience opportunity regarding public policies’ matters through a participative pedagogical proposal and real case study analysis.


Updating course for participation in collaborative governance:

This course aims developing specific abilities regarding the necessary dynamics to deal with governance collaborative processes.