The Permanent Improvement

The Mediare is the first “carioca” organization dedicated to the practice and teaching of Conflict Mediation. Founded in 1997, trained over time, a Multidisciplinary Panel of experts dedicated to the consensual nature of dialogue and in particular, the mediation.

The permanent improvement – continuing education – is the premise participation in Mediare Mediators Panel. It is promoted permanently to study monthly meetings (groups of general and specific studies) coordinated by own mediators of the Thematic sectors: Civil, Communities, Business, Family Business, Family and Probate, School, Environmental, Public Policies, Practices Collaborative, IT,  Intellectual Property and Art and Culture.

Participation in the General Study Groups is franchised to students and mediation professionals associated with the Institute Mediare. The agenda switches specific topics dedicated to the mediation of conflicts and other issues of the sociology field, anthropology, philosophy, politics, communication, among other matters that may be linked to the dialogue process and the decision-making aimed at consensus.

The Study Groups of Thematics sectors are dedicated to their specific issues, with the purpose the improvement of mediators in their respective areas.

Supervisors of the Mediator’s Training Program (Real Practice Supervised) meet fortnightly, both to share situations experienced in teaching practice and to share reading with a view to learning and improvement.

Professionals who complete their training as mediators, is made the invitation to join the Hours Bank Institute Mediare. Time Bank is a metaphor that reflects the voluntary offering of hours for the care of cases of social nature. This offer enables the service to society and covenants that require the practice of mediation with low financial costs.