Other Teaching Activities

The practice of teaching, inaugurated in 1998, enabled us to work with excellence in this area, keeping alive the idea of ​​continuing education for the mediators of our panel and customizing programs in company for different areas of coexistence, contemplating issues related to processes of dialogue.

Update and enhancement courses

Em conformidade com o Código de Ética para Mediadores, a capacitação em Mediação requer não somente aprendizado adequado e específico como também, permanente. Como instituição formadora, o MEDIARE coordena palestras de atualização ao longo do ano para atender à proposta de capacitação contínua.


These thematic spaces of theoretical-practical experience enable the expansion of knowledge and improvement of the exercise of Mediation. 

Thus, structured to focus on both general themes inherent to human coexistence and particular issues related to Mediation or other practices of prevention and resolution of controversies, the workshops are another academic space designed to increase the quality of knowledge and performance.

Specialization Courses

The Training Course for mediators offers a panoramic view of the basic theoretical and technical principles of the art of mediating. It makes it possible for certified mediators to complete this function with competence and security.

The Specialization Courses aim to increase the excellence of practical performance, allowing specific knowledge in the particular aspects of the mediated topics. Each area of ​​action in Mediation – Civil, Communities, Business, Family, School, Family and Succession, Public Policies, Socio-environmental, Information Technology, Art and Culture, among others – requires learning and training.

Study Groups

The study groups are exchange scenarios under the coordination of one or more professionals, and allow reading and discussion of theoretical texts and / or case analysis.

They aim to meet the demand for continuous study, deepening in knowledge-raising issues and generating skills in the practice of conflict prevention and resolution.

MEDIARE offers a monthly study group for all its members, open to the general mediating public, and encourages its Thematic Sectors to provoke the respective participants with study groups that enable the reading and discussion of topics related to each area.


Several deadlock situations are part of all professional scenarios. The fact that Mediation occurs in stages and usually takes more than one meeting until its conclusion makes supervision an useful resource, individually or in groups, in person or by report.

The experienced look of a supervisor makes it possible for mediated situations to serve as examples and learning for future attendance. In addition to the regular supervision of the students in the training process, MEDIARE provides on-demand supervision.


Considering that the exercise of mediation and the facilitation of dialogues require specific skills in various subjects – communication, negotiation, systemic vision, interest mapping, conflict and difference management, productive dialogues with multiple parties, training in different subjects are developed, also in company, in a personalized way.