The Route

Activities build over the time

Mediators training in the Private Sector

The Mediare has trained mediators since 1998. The organization coordinates a course in Rio de Janeiro, with a multidisciplinary profile groups – lawyers, engineers, doctors, judges, psychologists, economists, administrators, social workers, among others – that made possible the construction of a multi-thematic panel of Conflict Mediation experts. Mediation courses, Dialogue Facilitation and Consensus-Building have been coordinated also in company and in other Brazilian States.

Mediators training in the Public Sector

The Mediare served as a teacher in training programs in Mediation of Rio de Janeiro’s Prossecution Institute (Ministério Público of Rio de Janeiro – IV editions) and Public Defender’s Office of Rio de Janeiro (2011 and 2015). It has also participated in state and municipal projects in other States, focused on the training of mediators and the improvement of supervisors of this practice.

Conciliators training in the Public Sector

In 1999, the Mediare coordinated the Training Course for Volunteers conciliators of the General Public Defender’s Office of Rio de Janeiro. Since then, Mediare continues giving lectures for judicial conciliators aiming to increase their skills in the subject.

Courses and Workshops: Skills Enhancement for the Conciliatory Practice and the Dialogues Facilitation

Throughout its existence, the Mediare has offered courses for law professionals (Skills Enhancement for the Conciliatory Practice), and community stakeholders (Dialogues Facilitation), in cooperation with public institutions, NGOs or voluntary.

Cooperation Agreements

It is part of Mediare trajectory establish cooperation agreements with similar organizations in other States in Brazil, aiming at building a national network dedicated to mediation. In Rio de Janeiro, agreements with the Court and the Public Defender allow the free offer of Conflict Mediation and supervised practice mediators in training stage. Partnership with the Childhood and Youth and the elderly, for seven years (1999 and 2005) made it possible also to social action on these issues.

Participation in the team of experts of the Secretariat of the Judicial Reform – Ministry of Justice – for drafting the legal framework of mediation in Brazil

Participation in Foundation and Panel Director of the National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions – CONIMA

In 2013, its Partner Founder integrated the commission that offered one of the basic texts for the Mediation Law (Law 13.140).

Participation in Foundation and Panel Director of the National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions CONIMA

The Mediare is one of the founding institutions of CONIMA, whose director panel, in different terms, was built by its director president (Tania Almeida), who composed the the commission that wrote the Code of Ethics and the Model Regulations of the Mediation, and one dedicated to development of core curriculum for training in mediation.

Participation in FONAMENational Mediation Forum

Mediare integrates the panel of institutions that make up the FONAME, having participated in the editorial team of the Code of Ethics for Mediators.

Publications on the theme

The Mediators Panel has written and published articles focused on Mediation and Dialogue Facilitation. Published in 2016, the Conflict Mediation work – for beginners, practitioners and teachers – compiles articles by Brazilian specialists. In 2014 its director, Tania Almeida, published Toolbox in Mediation – Intakes practical and theoretical.

Participation in Conferences and Seminars

Our body of experts regularly participates in conferences and national and international seminars. Its director president joined the Director of the World Mediation Forum Committee in the biennium 1999-2000.

Participation in national research on a Multiport System Conflict Resolution for Brazil, coordinated by the University of St. Thomas – Minneapolis, USA

This project built consensus on the subject, and included the different segments of view of civil society: Judges, lawyers, graduate and undergraduate teaching, business, law students, communities and NGOs Tania Almeida coordinated the facilitation of national dialogue members of the research and co-coordinated its publication in Brazil CEJUS by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Multiport Court – Investing in social capital to maximize the dispute settlement system in Brazil).

Participation in the Inter-American Development Bank Project for the Development and Practice of Mediation and Arbitration in Brazil

In addition to invited institution, Mediare had its chief executive acting as a member of the Coordination and Project Control Committee.

Participation as didactic and pedagogical co-coordinators and as teachers in the course of Conflict Mediation in Public Safety funded by UNDP – United Nations Development Programme – and the SENASP – National Secretariat of Public Security

Pilot project took place in Rio de Janeiro (2007) to 470 participants: judges, prosecutors, defenders, from different police corporations, community managers, technicians of the judiciary, conciliators volunteers.

Coordination of “Pacifying Project”

In 2009, the Mediare coordinated the teaching staff who served in the Pacifying Project – Incentive of the Ministry of Justice for the practice of Mediation in the Faculties of Law – the Rio Getúlio Vargas Law School and the Viva Comunidade NGO, held at the Maré Complex  of favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Its president-director acted as general supervisor of the project.

Participation in international biddings

The Mediare participated in bidding for Mediators Training in the Republic of Cape Verde, in 2006, and was ranked first as the technical competence of the proposal.

Study groups – Continuing Education

As international understanding, monthly are offered to the institution mediators panel and mediators generally update meetings for continuous improvement and loyalty to a quality practice. Mediators of Mediare Panel also participate in monthly study group dedicated to their area.

Practice of Mediation and other non-adversarial methods of dispute resolution

Practical action is being carried out by a multidisciplinary panel of experts that make up the entity framework, both through agreements and through private and social practice since 1997.

Bank of hours

The Mediare has invited the professionals from its training courses to integrate one Mediators Panel that provides free hours of operation – the Bank of Hours – for social service and inter-institutional cooperation projects.

Criminal mediation – Practice Restorative

Participation in partnership with the Court of Rio de Janeiro and acting through multidisciplinary team of mediators in the IX Special Criminal Court of the Capital – RJ.

School mediation

The Mediare has been working for municipal and private schools. In 2000/2001 co-coordinated a program in municipal schools of Rio de Janeiro, subsidized by the Ministry of Justice. Since then, it has been working on customized programs Skills for Dialogue and Conflict Mediation with teachers, coordinators and students from different institutions.

Community mediation

Throughout its existence the Mediare offered to NGOs working with community programs and community leaders, workshops on technical contributions of Conflict Mediation, aimed at increasing the quality of their practices as dialogue facilitators. To work with illiterate population, developed audiovisual material dedicated to the theme, and a manual that aims at multiplying this knowledge, ensuring its sustainability. Since 2013 it has been working in the Vidigal Community in Rio de Janeiro, in cooperation with the Neighborhood Association, promoting training courses in mediation and Skills Augmentation Program for Dialogue

Mediation and Ombudsman

The Mediare has participated in seminars dedicated to identifying the Conflict Mediation contributions procedural and technical qualified for the ombudsman practice. These works have included ombudsmen from the public and private sector.

Environmental mediation

The Mediare had teaching practice at graduate students in the environmental area (COPPE-UFRJ) and Petrobras environmental technicians who participated in consensus building processes on issues involving public policy. Its chief executive has served on research subsidized by the Inter-American Development Bank – IDB, integrating publication in theme – Divulgación de métodos para la resolución pacífica de conflitos; Revista Mediadores en Red (November 2004) – in order to disseminate this practice for Latin America. Mediare part of the scope of action the thematic study group coordination and private companies in training of technicians who work at the interface with the community when environmental issues are part of their projects.

Business mediation

We hold study group on the subject to meet the proposed continuous updating of our mediators. We conduct Trainings in company, in public and private institutions and operate in the corporate field facilitating internal dialogue and mediating disputes between companies or groups of companies as well as contractual issues involving public bodies and the network of stakeholders. The Family Business are focus of study and constant research by the team of mediators and experts on the topic.

Mediation focused on Intellectual Property and Information Technology

They are the latest objects of study subjects and practice in specially dedicated them to sectors, composed of mediators and experts in the field.

Collaborative practices

The Mediare coordinates study group on the issue and organized the first International Training in Collaborative Practices in Family Law, held in April 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. The practice of collaborative law presupposes non-litigation and interdisciplinary approach of conflictive issues or plaintiffs consensus and win fans around the world, against the legalization of the issues of everyday life and toward social peace. Under the Family Law, the Collaborative practices were consecrated with Innovare Award, advocacy segment in 2013. The Mediare integrated team coordinated in September / October 2014, I Training in Collaborative Practice in the civil area.

World Bank

The Director President Mediare, Tania Almeida, make up the panel of mediators trained by the World Bank to work in the internal system of conflict resolution in Latin America – Latin American Pilot Program. She is in charge of the organs of the Bank operating in Brazil, participating in mediations and training.