Mediation is preceded by a Pre-Mediation stage, whose sessions take place after the parties have been identified and contacted, and the Preliminary Information Form completed. The purpose of the Pre-Mediation is to inform participants about the ethical and procedural aspects of Mediation, clarify doubts and complement the Preliminary Information Form..

The Mediation services of the MEDIARE Chamber of Dialogues [1] and those provided by the mediators who will act in the case are remunerated, respectively, by the Registration and Administration Fees, and by the fees of the mediators, as follows:


 1) Registration Fee

The Registration Fee corresponds to the cost of mobilizing the Chamber in relation to the administrative services, in the period between the initial contact made by the requesting party and the signature of the Participation in Mediation by all parties involved or the formalization by the Secretariat of the Chamber of Commerce. Decision not to initiate Mediation. This Fee is paid to MEDIARE only once by the requesting party after the referral to MEDIARE of the Preliminary Information Form completed by all members of the Mediation (or by a mediator and sent to interested parties for confirmation) and their agreement to attend the Session (Pre-mediation), but prior to its realization.

The change in the value of the Registration Fee is related to the peculiarities of the Thematic Sector [2] identified as more relevant to the case and its complexity, identified based on the evaluation of the following criteria (among others that may be inherent to the case or the context) : Number of parties directly and indirectly involved; Time of controversy and escalation of conflict (history and intensity); Degree of judicialization or arbitration; Technical issues and estimated values ​​involved. The Preliminary Information Forms will be forwarded by the MEDIARE Secretariat to the coordinators of the Thematic Sector (s) to whom it is related, or to the Board of Directors of the Chamber, as the case may be, to Identification of the degree of complexity.

The amount of the Early Registration fee to the MEDIARE by the applicant will be apportioned between the parties (unless expressly negotiated between them) in the proportion that they agree in the Presentation Session or when signing the Mediation Participation Agreement.


2) Administration Fee

The Administration Fee refers to infrastructure and administrative-financial expenses, and is paid to MEDIARE on a monthly basis, unless otherwise specified. Its value varies according to the peculiarities of the corresponding Thematic Sector and the complexity of the case submitted to Mediation..

The Administration Fee corresponds to four hours of service in Mediation and will focus on the meetings that follow the Presentation Session lasting up to two hours..

For the purpose of calculating the amount of the Administration Fee due, and also for apportionment purposes, a descriptive report of the hours spent in Mediation will be sent to the mediators each 30 (thirty) day period.


3)  Fees of the Mediators

The Fees correspond to the remuneration of the pair of mediators during the Pre-Mediation (Presentation Session) and Mediation meetings. [3] In MEDIARE, the mediators always act in co-mediation, that is, in double, privileging the specialty and the interdisciplinarity and, consequently, increasing the possibilities of observation and intervention, to the benefit of people under mediation.

MEDIARE Panel Mediators’ Fees vary according to the theme of Mediation, its level of complexity, and the degree of expertise or expertise of the mediator.

The presentation session that precedes the beginning of the effective attendance must last up to two hours, after which the Honoraria and the Administration Fee, calculated according to the preliminary assessment of the complexity of the case and the other weighting factors, will be due, based on the Preliminary Information Form.

At the end of the Pre-Mediation, the parties will receive, for evaluation and approval, the Provision of Services, conclusively informing the costs of the Mediation (ratifying or rectifying the estimated values ​​initially based on the Preliminary Information Form), and Term of Participation in Mediation.

In the event that the parties confirm their interest in performing the Mediation, they must sign the Mediation Participation Agreement and deposit in favor of the mediators, unless otherwise negotiated, Fees equivalent to 5 (five) hours of mediation work (in cases of low or medium complexity ), And 10 (ten) hours of mediation (in cases of high or very high complexity). If the first Mediation meeting does not occur, such amounts deposited in advance will be refunded.

Noting that each Thematic Sector may correspond to Fees and Fees with differentiated amounts, the Fees and Fees generally applicable are as follows:  


Pricing Table Generally Applicable by Double Mediators

Complexity of the Case Minimum / h / Double Value Maximum Value / h / Double
Low R$ 500,00 R$ 750,00
Medium R$ 750,00 R$ 1.000,00
High R$ 1.000,00 Free proposal
Most High R$ 1.250,00 Free proposal


Access in PDF the table of  Fees and Fees 2017.

[1] IMPORTANT: Mediation promoted by the Chamber of the MEDIARE Institute, as well as any other procedures of the MEDIARE System such as Dialogue Facilitation and Assisted Negotiation, Consensus Building and the like will observe their own fee and fee bases.

[2] MEDIARE’s Multidisciplinary Panel of Mediators operates in different Thematic Sectors: Business, Family and Succession, Family Business, Civil, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Art and Culture, Socioenvironmental, Public Policies, Communities, Schools.

[3] In exceptional cases and in accordance with negotiation with the interested parties, additional remuneration may also be agreed, for hours spent in the preparation of meetings or in the analysis of their performance, elaboration of minutes and minutes of agreement, as well as phone calls and e-mails.