Conflict Mediation, Dialogues Facilitation, Consensus Building and Deceision-Making Processes

Our specialty is the practice and teaching of dialogue processes. The administration, prevention, evaluation, conflict management and teaching guided in non-adversarial methods and building customized solutions based on consensus and mutual benefit are our expertise. The Mediare System brings together a multi-disciplinary panel of experts in dispute resolution, dedicated to different themes, involving individuals and in private settings, public and social.


Acting in conducting dialogue, decision-making and non-adversarial methods of resolving disputes with technical expertise, ethics and diligence, meeting people and organizations in the private, public and social.


To be recognized, over time, as an organization of excellence in conducting dialogic and consensual processes dispute management and teaching these processes, able to work on different themes, with a multidisciplinary framework of unquestionable competence specialists, qualified by the organization, committed to continuing education and dedicated to evaluate and customize solutions, and identify and implement the appropriate dialogue method for each situation.


After a few years of existence, we conducted a survey among our students, teachers and partners on the values ​​practiced by Mediare – in providing services, teaching and living. Quality, accountability, responsiveness, dialogue, compromise, engagement, mutual benefit, listening, interaction and ethical care of the other values ​​were mentioned without primacy and with enthusiasm.


The Institution

Prevention, Evalutation, Management and Resolution of Disputes

Founded in 1997 is a pioneer organization in the training of mediators, which allowed the formation of a multidisciplinary team to work in several areas. It has a staff of mediators and experts come from different professional sectors and active in different kinds of conflict and decision-making.

The experience with the practice of Mediation and dedication to the study and research methods based on dialogue and decision-making guided by the consensus made possible the expansion of the range of features offered. The Mediare today uses the Multiport system of non-adversarial methods of dispute resolution and dialogue processes, in addition to mediation, including the Dialogues Facilitation, the Technical Consultancy Evaluative, the Consensus-Building, the Advisory Council on Negotiation and Process of Dialogues designed case by case.

It is a reference center in the area of ​​dispute resolution and teaching instruments based on dialogue, integrating networks of institutions – national and international – mediation and other dispute resolution instruments with them establishing partnerships and exchanges.

Composes the National Council founding board Institutions of Mediation and Arbitration – CONIMA, having participated in the preparation of its Code of Ethics and of the Model Regulations for the practice of mediation in Brazil.

Lectures, seminars, courses, workshops, consulting, supervision and training in dispute resolution area, in contexts of private and social, in different subjects and in different states of Brazil. Its mediators framework operates in the sectors: Civil, Communities, Teaching, Business, School, Family Business, Family and Probate, Collaborative Practices, Public Policy, Intellectual Property, Environmental and Information Technology and Art and Culture.

Agreements of Cooperation with public institutions and non-governmental organizations, made possible by the performance of the Bank of Hours (voluntary service of its expert panel), enable social care, expression of his conscious and socially responsible business.


Directo President and Founder – Tania Almeida

Master of Conflict Mediation. Doctor. Post graduated in Neuropsychiatry, Sociology and Management. Consultant to the World Bank’s Conflict Mediation Sector for Latin America. Extension courses in mediation: Business, Family, Community, Environmental, School, Public, Criminal and Dispute Boards Policies; Transformative Mediation, Collaborative Practices and Restorative Practices. Participant of Mediator’s Panel of: CAM-CCBC, CIESP / FIESP, FGV, CAMARB and BCAM. Member of the Mediation Committee of the OAB-RJ. Judicial Senior Mediator of the  Permanent  Center for Consensual Methods of Conflict Resolution in the Rio de Janeiro Courthouse. Author of “Toolbox in Mediation – practical and theoretical contributions”. One of Coordinators of Conflict Mediation Book: For Beginners, Practitioners and Teachers.